Our Story

The story behind our brand

As a child my most memorable holidays were the ones spent by the storming Baltic sea. The happiest moments I can remember, were spent searching for bits of amber, humbly lying on the sand as a droplet of The Sun.

I never forget the happiness these moments brought to me, maybe remembrance of these happy days was an inspiration to start my now favorite hobby kitesurfing. This hobby created inspirational moments and encouraged me to travel around the World.

But what I also found in many of those beautiful beaches was not amber, but a big problem – pollution. And I just have to do something about it! That is how our idea came to life: we are taking what Baltic sea generously gives us as natural Baltic amber, and processing it into something that aware people can use in their daily lives and rituals. And by selling amber goods, we are able to donate part of our profit to the Global organisations that tirelessly work helping Oceans.

The legend of Amber

Once upon a time, Baltic sea was ruled by a mighty god Perkūnas (very much like Poseidon in greek mythology). He was in love with mermaid Jūratė – most beautiful among all sea deities. They lived in an amber palace that was like nothing you can see on land.

One fateful day one young and very brave fisherman Kastytis dared to fish in an open sea. Jūratė got so intrigued by the courage of this young man and emerged from the storming waves. And this was love from the first site and they swore to never separate.

But this beautiful love was not meant to last: fearsome and vengeful Perkūnas killed Kastytis with one fatal lightning bolt, tore down her amber palace and locked Jūratė to its ruins as her punishment for this forbidden love. That is why up until today, you can find smithereens of amber on the shore of a Baltic sea. They are the ruins of once magnificent palaces and most pure of them are teardrops of Jūrate shed for her long-lost love.