Kids Necklace

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Every parent knows the struggle of teething! If your baby is in this painful stage and your daily life is now filled with pain, drooling and bad emotions, there is something that might ease the process for all of you! Amber is a natural analgesic and can reduce the pain, as well as reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Not to mention that it looks nice.

  • Hand made Baltic amber baby teething necklace.
  • Size 31-32 cm (12,2-12,6 inches).
  • Beads colors: aqua, lemon, cognac, cherry.
  • Every bead is dotted for safety.


As a child my most memorable holidays were the ones spent by the sea.The magical sound of waves and the horisont wider than I could comprehend. The happiest moments I can remember, were spent searching for bits of amber, humbly lying on the sand as a droplet of The Sun.

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