Nida Necklace

€37 €49

Amber is one of the world’s oldest and most coveted treasures that was a symbol of beauty, protection and renewal. Ancient Romans loved this precious material due to its magical and medicinal properties. They noticed that Baltic amber has the ability to draw the pain and negative energy from one's physical body, as well as the mind and spirit. And by absorbing negatives, it is here to provide us with inner peace and clear, positive energy.

  • Hand made Baltic amber adult necklace.
  • Size 47-48 cm (18,5-18,9 inches).
  • Beads colors: aqua, lemon, cognac, cherry 
  • Every bead is dotted for safety.


As a child my most memorable holidays were the ones spent by the sea.The magical sound of waves and the horisont wider than I could comprehend. The happiest moments I can remember, were spent searching for bits of amber, humbly lying on the sand as a droplet of The Sun.

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